Completing Your 2019 Bucket List

Everyone knows what it's like at the New Year: excited by the fresh start, you begin making big plans and write out what you want to achieve for the year. Then, as the months pass, your bucket list gets lower and lower in priority, until finally you forget about it altogether.

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If you're the type to make grand plans and then get disappointed when you can't follow through, here are some tips to help you complete your 2019 bucket list and achieve the greatest year of your life.

Make a Schedule

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Start off by assigning each item to a certain month of the year, so you get a general idea of whether not all the items on your list are feasible, or can be done one at a time. The Huffington Post says that keeping a consistent schedule has huge benefits, so this is also a good time to start planning out your daily routine. After all, big steps start with small steps first, and if you already have the structure and consistency in your daily life, you can start achieving bigger during important moments.

Save and Budget

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After planning out your schedule for the year, the next thing to do is to is see whether you have the funds to achieve what you want to do. Bucket lists can get pretty expensive, especially if there's travel involved. And with the Philippines being named as one of the top travel powerhouses in the world, it's highly likely that your list includes jetsetting, as well. See which months have the biggest expenses and start a savings roadmap so you can get on the way to crossing those items off your bucket list.

Invite a Friend

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It's harder to chicken out of something when you have somebody around to back you up. Inviting a friend to be your bucket list buddy means that the responsibility for planning is now on two heads, which is often better than one. With a partner, making plans suddenly becomes more concrete, and you have higher chances of achieving more with less. You can also remind each other about the timeline, suggest schedule changes, or even invite more people to make it a party. After all, bucket lists are about enjoying life, and you enjoy better with other people.

Look for Tips

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Sometimes the hardest thing is getting started, and for a lot of people that hurdle is tough to jump over when you don't have any background knowledge or tips. A quick Google search can get you out of that slump: simply start searching around the internet to see if anyone else has attempted that item on your bucket list and see what they have to say. Travel and lifestyle website Daydreaming in Paradise often has an abundance of tips, reviews, and other articles that take away the mystery, and help you plan better and smarter.

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