Ocean Suites, Bohol's Peaceful and Stylish Abode

When you ask about places to stay in Bohol, the island of Panglao’s beach resorts and hotels at Alona Beach always top the list. The prices and proximity to restaurants, bars, and beach spots are among the reasons that tourists and travelers alike prefer these over the other accommodations across the island province.

But unknown to many, Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel, a peaceful and stylish abode in Tagbilaran, Bohol, almost offers the same prices. Sounds interesting? Read on to find out why you should consider staying at this boutique hotel.

Strategic Location

Ocean Suites’ location is definitely a plus — strategically located about 15 and 40 minutes from the Tagbilaran Airport and the newly-opened Panglao Island International Airport, respectively. Getting to the hotel is hassle-free as they provide free pick-up from any of the aforementioned airports.

It is also situated right next to Blood Compact, one of the top tourist spots in the province. Other top ones, including the Baclayon Church, Man-Made Forest, Loboc River, Hanging Bridge, and the world-renowned Chocolate Hills are also very accessible. A farther one such as Danao Adventure Park is about a 2-hour drive.

Oh, how about the beach spots, you ask? Alona Beach is just about 20 minutes away. Other famous beach spots — Virgin Island and Balicasag Island — are both a boat ride away from there. Quinale Beach, dubbed as the island’s Boracay, is about a 2 hour and a half drive. Additionally, restaurants and bars are minutes away.

If you want to sunbathe at a secluded beach spot, the resort also has a beachfront property on the island of Pamilacan. It is situated around 13 km away from the hotel and can only be accessed by a boat. To get there, organize an island hopping tour, which includes dolphin watching, at the hotel’s reception area.

Cozy But Affordable Rooms

‘Absolutely the best views in Bohol’  — the tagline that will catch your attention if you will visit its website. And I couldn't agree more! While cozy, its room prices — ranging from PHP 3,000.00 to PHP 7,200.00 — are very reasonable. Must book are its ocean suite rooms as these offer magnificent views of the island. Travelling with a family or a group of friends? The Family and the Family Ocean Suites rooms are the ideal ones as these can accommodate up to six people.

The room we stayed at for three days was very comfy. Everything — from bed sheets to towels — was very clean and smells good.

Below are the updated room rates (in Philippine Peso) as of posting date:

  • Standard Room: 3,000.00
  • Superior Room: 3,200.00
  • Deluxe Ocean Suite: 4,200.00
  • Deluxe Room: 4,700.00
  • Premiere Ocean Suite: 5,200.00
  • Premiere Room:  5,700.00
  • Family Room: 6,200.00
  • Family Ocean Suit: 7,200.00

Two Infinity Pools

By far, it is the only resort that offers two infinity pools with stunning views of the island. The two pools, situated on the first and lower ground levels, are seldom used as tourists are usually busy doing their respective tours.

So chances are, you can enjoy these pools by yourself. Definitely perfect if you just want to laze around and relax!

Of course, no unwinding is complete without a glass of wine or beer, right? Not an alcoholic drinker? Your Spotify playlist will do!

If you find yourself wanting to do something more, it has table tennis available for use. 

Stylish Architecture

Spice up your social media feeds as the hotel offers stylish architecture. All you need is your creativity and point your camera everywhere.

Upon checking in at the reception area, you definitely can’t help but notice its huge, relaxing lounge by the pool. Its elegant mirrored wall is also eye-catching.

Guests Loved Their Stays

If you still need more convincing, here are what other guests have to say.

“We loved the pool and the beautiful seaview!.. the room itself was just ok, it was clean and had air conditioner and hot water, but we stayed at the opposite side from the beach, so we didn't have a good view from the room. But from the pool we could see an wonderful pink sunrise and a lovely infinite blue shades ocean.” --  @saraalvesmatos

 “During our stay, it was quite peaceful and not so crowded, so we really had a relaxing time. The room/bed we had was big and very comfortable, it is also an ocean view room which was so nice during golden hours.” -- @larahyacynth

“Ocean Suites Bohol - is the best hospitality in town i have ever stayed - comfort , nice and clean but the best parts is the people there so nice and friendly which i guess every Filipino are, that made me feel so welcome and just like home.” - @jeffero_black

“We have been there long before the photo has been taken. What we really love about the place is that it offers you this feeling of privacy you could enjoy at home, it is perfect for date nights where you could enjoy serenity and the picturesque view of the place.” --@aikamanski

Need more? Check out other guest reviews on Tripadvisor. Already convinced? Book a room now!

Address: VP Inting Avenue,, Bool District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Phone: (038) 411 1031

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