DragonT Now Shakes in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

So what's new in Bonifacio Global City (BGC)? If you are a milk-tea lover and want something new other than the now popular YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea and Tiger Sugar, then another milk-tea brand just opened its shop with a beastly name: DragonT

The new milk-tea brand's new stall is located at the Bonifacio Stopover, in the intersection of Rizal Drive and 31st Street, and operates from 11AM to 10PM.

The Drink Variants

White Dragon and Black Dragon, at Php 130.00 and Php 100.00 per large cup, respectively, are their best sellers. The former is only being sold at max of 100 cups per day as according to one of their staff, stocks of the ingredients used in making that variant from Taiwan are running out. I asked when it will be sold on a limited basis, the said staff couldn't give an exact time frame but noted that they sometimes sell more than 100 cups a day. So it's confusing. If you want to have a taste of this best seller, you need to line up as soon as it opens in the morning. Yes, under the scorching heat of the sun. 

Other top picks include the Classic Milk Tea, Salty Choco, Lychee Fruit Tea, and Signature Fruit Tea. 

Below is a list of what else the brand offers. Sugar contents of these variants can be customized

The Taste

I tried the White Dragon as this is reportedly the variant that the company is aiming to compete with Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse. I savored it after shaking for 15 times. You need to shake it to mix all inside the cup (if you are wondering why I used 'Shakes' in the title 😁). Its Taiwan-sourced fresh cream and real-leaf black tea really taste good. Its brown sugar-cooked black pearls' quality was great as well. Its sweetness was just right. Its packaging, meanwhile, is pleasing in the eye. 

I haven't tried YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea's and Tiger Sugar's drinks yet so I couldn't give a comparison, but several officemates tried and gave mixed reviews. Some liked the White Dragon over Tiger Sugar's best seller, Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, while others said the latter tastes better. Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, however, is Php 10.00 cheaper than White Dragon's. 

And since this is still not hyped on social media, reviews online are very limited. It is rated 3.8 star on Google reviews—one gave 1 star but the review was not product-related. 

The Location

It's strategically located right near St Lukes Medical Center (see map below if you're not familiar with the Bonifacio Stopover yet).

If it's your first time in the city, getting there is easy. If you are coming from EDSA, take an Upper West Express- or Central Route-bound bus and get off at the Bonifacio Stopover. The terminal is located on the corner of EDSA and Ayala Avenue. For the detailed BGC bus routes and schedule, visit their page here

Other option is by taking a tricycle ride in Guadalupe, Makati. The terminal is located right in front of Andoks, near the Sogo Hotel. Tell the driver to take you to the JP Morgan/BGC drop off point; it will cost you Php 25.00 for a special trip. From there, take a few minutes walk to the Bonifacio Stopover. 

So Why DragonT?

The milk-tea craze is booming in the metro and many milk-tea lovers are still looking for the best in town. If you are one of those, then you should pay DragonT a visit. They maybe serving your perfect cup. DragonT's White Dragon if definitely worth trying out if you have tried the best sellers of YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea and Tiger Sugar.

You may also want to check DragonT’s other branch located at the Rockwell Business Center Sheridan in Mandaluyong.

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