Reflect and Pray at Walkway Exhibit in BGC this Holy Week

In case you don’t know yet, Church Simplified’s Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross exhibit has opened to public since Palm Sunday in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig for FREE. The exhibit, which will run until Easter Sunday, has 14 stations that start in front of Bonifacio High Street’s The Halal Guys and ends in front of Shangri La Hotel.

Each station has interactive arts installed, so for you to fully value the exhibit, you better take part of the activities. According to the community, this is the best “opportunity to remember how God took what is arguably the most gruesome method of execution that humanity could come up with.”

The community’s aim this year is to “examine the intricate and sometimes painful details of how” everyone loves. And at the same time, to evaluate how public “belong to God and to one another.”

If you aren’t decided or are still looking for another way to reflect and pray this Holy Week, you should pay a visit to this exhibit. And oh, some stations are perfect for you to ‘hugot.’ Haha

Okay, let me walk you through to the activities in each station.

Station 1: To The Ones Who Left (Para Sa Kanyang Mga Naiwan)

The Last Supper

This station discusses about Jesus’ last supper—how he welcomed everyone to his table. Here, you will be tasked to take a Walkway journal, which you will use until the last station. This station will also enable you to reflect on how you care, serve, and forgive. The main point here is love persists.

After reading what’s written in the station, answer the question in the journal for Station 1.

The Walkway journal 

You will need to write what the “love one another” written in the panel means to you and who needs it from you. If you think your ex or crush needs it the most, go and write his/her name in the journal.

Station 2: The One Who Owns It (Siya Na Umako)  

Jesus is Betrayed by Judas

How Judas betrayed Jesus is discussed here. This station will talk about how the former gave into greed. Sounds familiar? You will be tasked here to think about a failed relationship, any relationship. Think and reflect on the possibility that even in a smallest way, you were also partly to be blamed on why it failed. Write your answer in the Walkway Journal.

“It’s a tragedy that Judas’ remorse doesn’t end in redemption. However, there is still good in realizing that owning up to failure at the very least opens the possibility for a better story,” the panel reads.

Station 3: The Ones At Your Table (Sila Na Nasa Iyong Hapag)Jesus is Tried by the Sanhedrin

This station discusses on how Jesus opens his table to anyone. As written in the panel, “His table never has a limit and always accommodates the most unusual mix of friends.” In here, you will be asked to think of someone you have intentionally detached from for whatever reasons. A person whom you think also has a seat at His table. A person that you would still pray for and consider inviting for a meal or perhaps, a cup of coffee.

Go ahead and reflect here. Probably, this will encourage you to approach your ex, crush, friend or a family member.

Station 4: The Ones Who Matter (Sila Na May Halaga)

Jesus is Judged

This station will make you realize how we easily judge people—same as Pilate who then said he found no basis for a charge against Jesus. You will be challenged here to sow a heart that cares for people around you. Be it a man on the street, a beggar, or homeless people who roam around the metro to ask for money for their food.

If you are generous enough, you are very welcome to donate at this station, even at Php 5.00. Donations will then be forwarded to Young Focus International (, an organisation that supports around 1,400 kids from the Smokey Mountain landfill area. Last year’s donations were able to support the education of around 40 children. Go, donate and help change lives.

Station 5: The One Who Can Take It (Siya Na Kayang Tanggapin Ang Lahat)

Jesus is Flogged

This station will guide us on how God takes all our sins. Taking all of the pain to heal us.

This station will give you the opportunity to use a unique kind of communication with God. You weigh in the pain you are carrying and communicate it to Him.  

Write down all your grievances in a paper and put it in the gaps of the wall. “Bargain. Question. Wrestle. Hold God to His Word.” You think you are about to give up and can no longer handle the pain you are carrying in your current relationship? Go ahead, white it down, God can take it.

Station 6: The One We Choose (Siyang Ating Pinili)

Jesus or Barabbas

This stations tells us how the Jews chose Barabbas, the face of rebellion, over Jesus, the peaceful revolutionary. The Jews chose the former as they were so hopeless to end Rome’s rule.

This station is very relevant to the country’s politics. The country is divided based on people’s political views—yes, we have the pro- and anti-government. And I know some friends who are very vocal on today’s politics, specially on social media. I know this will never end until the reign of the current administration ends. And oh, if a new administration takes over the country, we will still be divided for sure. This happens because the supporters of the losing party still think their bets are most suited for the seats. Pro- and anti-government Filipinos will always have something to say against each other.

In line with this, you will be asked to light an incense stick and offer a blessing, a prayer, a cry to God to bless our Dear Nation, THE PHILIPPINES. Pray for your friends, families, office mates, etc. who always post negative on social media and ruin your day. Hello there, friends! Marami kayo. Haha!

Station 7: The One Who Carries More Than We Know (Siyang Pasan Ay Higit Sa Atin)

Jesus Walks to Calvary

This station will walk you through on the weight of pain Jesus carried to Calvary. Other than the cross, he was carrying the weight more than anyone could imagine — “both the pain of man and the hope of humanity.” You will be tasked here to carry a representation of the cross for a few steps.

While carrying it, think about the things you most worry . That thing will give you more weight to carry, other than the cross, while you walk with the cross. And while doing this, you will need to remember that He is also carrying more than what we know—our burdens and us as a whole. Once you are done, you may need to consider “how you might let go of any resistance to God’s love.”

Station 8: The One Who Shares The Weight (Siya Na Nakikibahagi Ng Bigat)

Jesus is Helped by a Stranger

This station is about a man named Simon (a man of Cyrene) who helped Jesus carry his cross. He was a complete stranger but offered himself and became God’s instant ally. With his help, the cross became lighter and Jesus was able to stand again.

Now in this station, you will need to write down the burden you are carrying in a blank card. After writing it down, put it in the bowl to allow someone, your Simon, to pray for you. This means you are giving someone the opportunity to help you carry your burden. But wait, you can also be someone else’s Simon. You may pick a written card and pray for that stranger’s burden. Don’t forget to take it with you to help that someone lift his/her burden throughout the Holy Week.

Station 9: The One For Love Has Come (Siyang Dahilan Ng Pagdating Ng Pag-ibig)

Jesus is Crucified

This station discusses how the cross, a torture device that represents who we really are, turned to be the greatest symbol of the power of love.

You will be tasked to remember here on how love has come for you by writing you name on the red strip of paper and nailing it to the cross. Yes, you will have to manually nail it.

This is your way of telling God, “I give my whole self to You.”

Station 10: The Ones We’re Entrusted With (Silang Ipinagkatiwala Sa Atin)

Jesus Entrusts Mary and John to Each Other

This station is about how Jesus entrusted his mother Mary to John. You will have to reflect on your loved ones, your family that God entrusted to you.

Think about your own family here. Is your relationship with them going well? Has it been damaged? Are you living miles away from each other? Whatever it is, thank God for entrusting them to you.

And if you are not in good terms with some, offer it a prayer for healing and restoration. Don’t forget to bring a family portrait with you.

Station 11: The One For Who This Moment Given (Siyang Binigyan ng Pagkataong Ito)

Jesus Promises Paradise

This station tells the story of a thief saying a prayer moments before his last breath. The thief said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Then Jesus replied, “truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” - Luke 23:42-43

This story simply means the thief waited for his final moment of his life before putting his belief in God. You will be asked here if you will also follow what the thief did or you will put your faith and trust in Jesus. You could choose God now and don’t have to wait moments before your death. You will then have to recite a prayer here. It goes “God, I know I am a sinner. I know I don’t deserve Your love. Still, You sent Jesus for me. His death on the cross proves that Your love is greater anything that might separate us. Thank You for pursuing me.

Today, at this moment, I place my trust in You L be my Lord and my Savior. Be the One I live for, Amen.”

Station 12: The Ones Who Have Been Separated (Silang Napahiwalay)

Jesus Died

In this station, you will be tasked to find Jesus by entering a mini-temple (The One Closer Than Our Breath). Inside, it will let you reflect on how He takes all the steps just to get closer to us.

How you will find Him everywhere. “He makes Himself known in the smile of a child,” written inside the temple. Or He makes himself known in an unexpected care of a stranger you meet, your officemate’s joy, your family’s affection.

Everywhere. He is everywhere. After here, you will have to walk through the curtain and see Him through the people around you. 

Station 13: The One Found By Love (Siyang Nagtapuan Ng Pag-ibig)

Jesus Rises

This station is about how Jesus has risen from his death and showed up first to Mary Magdalene. Why Mary? The panel asks. Why her who has a messy life? Who was cursed by demons? Who doesn’t belong in society? Whom nobody believes? Who nobody looks up to? Well, nobody but Jesus. Jesus believes in her.

This station is perfect for you to think of someone who believes in you when others didn’t. Who finds you when others neglected. There could be a lot of them. Be that your parents, siblings, friends, or your special someone.

Honor them by writing their names. Hang the notes and if you want, take a picture of it and post it on social media. Let everyone know how blessed you are and they found you.

Station 14: The One Who Calls Us To His Table (Siyang Nag-aanyaya Sa Kanyang Hapag)

Jesus’ Invitation

The exhibit ends at this station where it talks about Jesus inviting Peter for a meal, even when the latter disowned the former. Despite what happened, Jesus still shared a meal with Peter.

This station teaches you on how to love and forgive. Snacks available at this station. Go and share a table with anyone.

Books and tees are also available here. You may also donate here if you want.

And that's the last stop of the exhibit. Visit the it now.

To Get there…..
….from EDSA, you may take the Fort Bus or a jeepney located at terminals near Shell Ayala cor EDSA bound to Market-Market. Tell the driver to drop you off at a bus stop near Bonifacio High Street. From there, the exhibit is just a few minutes walk away. You may also take a jeepney near Guadalupe MRT Station bound for Market-Market. From the mall, the exhibit is also just a few minutes walk away. If you are driving, Waze is always there to help.

Free Concerts

The organizers will also hold free concerts on Saturday and Sunday. Christafari will perform at the BHS Activity Center, on  March 30 at 7:30 pm. Gary Valenciano with special guests Clara Benin & Quest, meanwhile, will perform at the BHS Amphitheater on April 1, at 7pm. Such an awesome way to welcome the Easter Sunday, yeah?

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