Hooray! Dumaguete's Famous Sans Rival is Now in Makati

Have you been to Dumaguete City and tasted the famous sans rival or silvanas? Or were you able to eat it because your friend brought it as a pasalubong? Chances are you have been longing for it.

So here’s the good news: Dumaguete's Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries, the top pick pastry shop and well-known for its tasty sans rival and silvanas, which have been the pasalubong of choice of tourists visiting the city of gentle, has opened its stall in Makati since Wednesday.

The stall is located at Glorieta 4’s Food Choices, right below the elevator going down from the cinema.

Six of its products, including polvoron, lengua de gato, jam squares, lady fingers, classic ensaimada (that's how it's spelled :)), silvanas and sans rival, are still made in Dumaguete City and are only shipped to the said stall via plane everyday. So you still get to taste the fresh, new ones. Others, however, including muffins, cupcakes, cheesecakes, crumbles, brownies, and cakes, are consigned. 

The only thing is, the prices are steep. Yes, double the prices of those sold in Dumaguete.

For now, below are the cakes and pastries available and the corresponding prices (in Philippine peso).

Made in Dumaguete:
Silvanas (butter): 230/box (25/slice)
Silvanas (choco): 250/box (30/slice)
Sans rival: 600/loaf  (mini 250)
Polvoron: 185/box
Lengua de Gato: 175/box
Jam squares: 200/box
Lady fingers: 130/box
Classic ensaimada: 35 each

Consigned cakes and pastries:
Black bottom cupcake: 37
Carrot cupcake: 60
Blueberry cheesecake: 60
Red velvet cupcake: 70
Apple cream muffin: 70
Blueberry crumble: 70
Turtle brownies overload: 60
Premium Tiramisu: 510
Oreo Mouse: 510
Josephine: 25
Pound cake: 236
Black forest: 600
Mocha crunch: 310

If you are one of those foodies who have been wanting to taste their sans rival and silvanas, among others, you should head to their stall NOW.


And oh, by the way, they will also reportedly open other stalls at Shangri-La and Robinsons Magnolia malls next week. So if you live near these malls, watch out for it.

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