Visiting Dumaguete? Add this Unrevealed Treasure to Your List!

Just in case you don’t know yet, there’s a hidden treasure near Dumaguete. In fact, I only found out about this unfrequented destination just last month, and the place is located just an hour from my hometown.

Turtle Island is in front of the Siit Bay in Barangay Siit in Saton, about an hour away from the city of Dumaguete. Also known as Polo, locals dubbed it as their mini-Boracay for its not so fine but white sand.

Why the name, you ask? I spoke with a local here and she said that, in the early years, turtles used to lay eggs in the area. But she also mentioned that these lovely creatures seldom can be spotted anymore. You will be lucky enough if you will spot one on your visit.


Just yet! There are no resorts, bars, or any commercial establishments built in the area. We only spotted a handful of small houses here; some belong to fishermen, where you can buy fresh fish for a very cheap price. But I did a quick research, and reports state that the local government of Siaton is planning to develop this hidden gem into a tourist destination.

This, for sure, will generate revenue. Its neighboring municipality, Zamboangita, also claimed ownership of this spot.

What’s in Store Here

On your visit, have your eyes ready to be welcomed by a stretch of white sand. Yes, white but not powdery sand. Didn’t I mention that locals dubbed this place as their mini-Boracay? You should come here early for its mini sand bar.

The area is so humid due to the trees that naturally grew in the area. Perfect sheds on broad daylight. Just so perfect to relax and unwind. Bring your hammock with you, if you have any, and set it up right under these trees. Imagine yourself with beach vibes music, fresh cool air, a few bottles of beer, and on a hammock. Aaaahh! Isn’t that perfect?

There’s a mini-store in the area but prices are steep. So, better bring all you need.

Be extra cautious of the sea urchins though. Spotted several of them when I walked to the middle of the beach, which is only knee deep.

Overnight? No problem. You can also set up your camping tents here for FREE. Yes, free. If nature calls, you may always knock the nearby houses and ask for a favor. If you’re generous enough, you are always welcome to hand them some cash/good as a token for the sh*t you deposit. Haha!

On the other side of the area is a beach where you can snorkel, and wander some fish and try to locate some TURTLES. Good Luck, though, as current in the area is pretty strong. But that was when we visited. Perhaps because it was around noon. Try snorkeling early then. Who knows, you be lucky enough to spot some turtles. Apparently, despite its name, we weren’t able to find one on our visit.

Always bring your own trash bag or dispose it properly as this spot ain’t littered---and let’s keep it that way.

Directions to Get There 

Allot an hour to get there from Dumaguete. This spot is roughly an hour bus ride from the city of Dumaguete. Board a Ceres bus headed to Siaton and tell the driver/conductor to drop you off at the first stopover where motorcycles for Antulang are found. Remember, the first. Don’t get off at the municipality proper as that’s a little far already. Once you get off, board a motorcycle (habal-habal) and ask the driver to take you to this spot through barangay Lutuban. Again, reiterate to the driver to take the road to this barangay as you won’t need a boat anymore. And since you won’t take a boat ride, you’ll save extra.

Pardon me, we visited this spot by car (I hitched!) so I don’t have any info about the habal-habal fare. A ride to Antulang Beach Resort, located after Siit, is around ₱100.00 each though, so the fare is probably around that as well. Bus fares from Dumaguete, meanwhile are at ₱65.00 and ₱55.00, for aircon and non-aircon, respectively.

If you visit this on a motorbike, just take the National Highway from Dumaguete and turn left to the road where there’s a sign “To Antulang.” After turning left at that sign, straight ahead and ask some locals the direction to Turtle Island through Lutuban. Again, Lutuban as this option won’t require you to ride a boat.

You need to visit this hidden spot before the government’s plans become a reality. Enjoy!

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