Where Will Your Php 550 Take You in El Nido?

Are you visiting El Nido anytime soon and is inland day tour included in your itinerary? If your answer is a YES, please read on.

There are many travel and tour companies in El Nido that offer inland tours for about Php 1,200.00 per tour. The tours will let you discover waterfalls, cliff, hot springs, caves, and beaches on a limited time. If you want to enjoy these tourist attractions without being timed, you can actually DIY (do-it-yourself). Did you know that for only Php 550, you can visit these attractions? How? I rented a motorbike in the town (rental price ranges from Php 400 to 500) and loaded Php 150 worth of gasoline.

My trip started late, at around 1PM, so I was only able to visit three beach spots.  My plan was to only visit Nacpan and Maremegmeg,  but ended up to three beautiful beaches.


As I was heading to Nacpan beach, I saw a signage at the entrance of El Nido Airport stating to turn left to LiO beach. I haven’t heard of this beach so out of curiosity, I checked it out. Located in Lio Eco-Tourism Estate, the beach is pristine and beautiful, and still not yet commercialized.

If your time permits, the estate is worth checking out as it also offers shops, boutique hotels, and a lagoon, among others. 

Constructions of some buildings are still ongoing though. You need to visit this beach before the masterplan of the Ayala Land-owned property is completed. I only spotted less than ten tourists at that time.  And oh, the entrance in the said estate is FREE.


After roaming around the LiO Eco-Tourism Estate, I headed to Nacpan beach located in Sitio Calitang, around 17 km north of the town of El Nido. Minutes before arriving at the beach, I saw several signs of Nagkalit-Kalit Falls.  

This was also not part of my plan but I didn’t stop this time as I had to travel back to the eastern part of El Nido for the sunset.  From the highway, the beach is still about 10 to 15-minute drive.  The road is a little bit challenging since it is still not paved.

After an almost hour ride, I was welcomed by a very beautiful view of a long stretch of white sand beach. Unlike LiO, there were many tourists at this beach since it is one of the famous beaches in El Nido. Christian LeBlanc, a world-renowned Canadian blogger, also declared this beach on his blog as the ‘World’s Most Beautiful Beach’.  


I drove to Maremegmeg beach in Corong-Corong, located in the eastern part of El Nido, to catch the sunset. Some tour guides and locals refer to this beach as Las Cabanas as it was the first resort built here, which is well-known for its beautiful sunset view. Now, the beach has a few resorts where you can still watch the sunset with a perfect view.

I watched the sunset at the Beach Shack CafĂ© with a few bottles of beers. The crowd here is almost the same as the crowd at Nacpan beach. Tourists don't frequent the other side of the beach. 

Corong-Corong also has bars and resorts such as Outpost Beach Hostel and Republica Sunset Bar where you can also watch the sunset. These places, which I visited a day after this trip, are located before Maremegmeg Beach.

So this is how I was able to visit three beach spots in El Nido for only Php 550.00. Start your trip early so you will make the most out of it.   

Furthermore, days before this trip, I trekked to Taraw Cliff for only Php 500.00. Safety gears, however, were not included. So if you are a risk-taker, just approach people on the streets who offer tours in the town. My guide was a tricycle driver. 

But if you prefer safety, there are many companies in the town that offer Taraw Cliff adventure with safety gears. I am not sure about the price, though.  

If you are considering these three beach spots and a Taraw Cliff adventure, below is my suggested itinerary.  Everything will cost you a total of Php 1,050.00 (Php 500 for the Taraw Cliff Climb and Php 550 for the motorbike and gas):

  • Taraw Cliff Climb
  • LiO Beach
  • Nagkalit-Kalit Falls
  • Nacpan Beach
  • Maremegmeg Beach
Trusting this suggestion helps. ☺

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