Casa Angelina: A Secluded, Unfrequented Beach Spot in Cabangan, Zambales

Still undecided on where to go next? Looking for a not so crowded spot near Manila? And a beach spot where you can surf or skimboard? Well, look no further as Casa Angelina got you covered.  

Located in Cabangan, Zambales, Casa Angelina is just round five-hour drive from Manila. It has been featured on several social media platforms but it is still unfrequented

Side Trips

We took an Iba, Zambales-bound bus at 5AM and got off in San Narciso. Why San Narciso? Because we planned to eat lunch at Crystal Beach Resort.

After getting off, we took a tricycle to the resort. However, we were in shock when we got there as we were asked to pay an entrance fee of PHP500 each even if we were supposed to just eat lunch. We reiterated that we were not going to swim/avail the day tour but to just to eat lunch, but the resort’s staff insisted that it is their policy. All of us agreed to leave and look for another establishment for lunch and left.

Before going back to the main highway, we went to the beach area first by using the public road. It took us just 10 to 15 minutes at that beach spot before boarding a tricycle back to the main highway. So we ended up eating lunch at a small eatery just beside San Sebastian Parish Church. The church wasn’t included in our itinerary but we still paid a visit at to this historic spot after filling our tummies. Minutes later after our church trip, we boarded a bus bound to Cabangan. 

Our itinerary included Liw-Liwa beach in San Felipe, a town right next to San Narciso, but we decided to ditch that part and head straight to Casa Angelina.

Liw-Liwa Beach

What the Resort has to Offer

Casa Angelina is a four-room beach resort; two garden view rooms (at PHP 2,500/room for 2 pax) and two sea view rooms (at PHP 3,000/room for 2 pax). Each room is very spacious and can accommodate up to six people; extra guest is PHP 500. When we visited, we booked a garden view room as the ones with a sea view were not available.

Our room has a queen-sized bed, a double-deck bed, and a double size bed. The double sized bed is set up at the top so you will need to use the makeshift bamboo stairs if you will doze off. Not really advisable if you are going to drink because, you know, you will perhaps falls. Haha. We were only four so the room was quite spacious for us.

The kitchen

The beach resort is so tiny that they put up their reception area under a tree. Yes, it was our first time to see such a reception area.

The reception area

The resort serves food here and you have options to have it delivered right to your room or dine it at the sister resort nearby -- around a minute walk or two. This is also the only resort, so far I guess, in Zambales that allows their guest to cook their own food at no extra charge. Yes, for FREE. So if you want to save, better to bring your own food. Cooking wares and tablewares can be used without a charge, too. Once you are done cooking, you may either dine at the room’s mini-table or at the resort’s dining area situated in the open space, right in front of the kitchen. So great idea, yeah? It really feels like you are at home during your stay. Adobo, sinigang, tinola? You can cook it here.

The dinning area

And oh by the way, staff here were very friendly during our stay, too.

I know you want to know how the beach here is like. It is not crowded, has a long stretch of soft gray sand, and is one of the surfing spots in the town. You may also skimboard here. During our visit, we spotted less than 10 tourists. This perhaps, because it is very secluded.

After checking out the next day, we coordinated with the staff to contact a motorcycle to take us back to the highway (we were charged PHP 40 each).  Since it was past 12 noon, we asked the driver to drop us at the place where we could grab some food to eat. He dropped us at LC's Place Restaurant. We were also supposed to visit Dusok Falls, located in the same town, after lunch, but heavy rain poured so we decided to board a bus bound to Manila.

If you want to visit this beach resort, make the most out of your trip by visiting nearby spots. Since the resort checks in guests at 2PM, below is the suggested itinerary. Make sure to strictly follow this because we did not! Haha.

5AM: ETD Victory Liner bus bound to Iba
10AM: ETA San Narciso
10AM to 11:30 AM: Lunch at Crytal Beach (prepare PHP500 entrance fee)
                : San Sebastian Church (wasn't included in our IT but you should pay a visit)
11:30AM to 1:30PM: Liwliwa Beach (swimming/beach stroll)
1:30PM to 2PM: to Casa Angelina
12PM (the next day) to 4PM: Dusok Falls
4PM: to Manila


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